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April 24, 2015
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Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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Is your kitchen the hub of the house, kind of like a mission control, where the members of the family gather to reconnect?  Whether it is to sit down to a large meal or plop onto a stool at the island for a quick bite hot out of the microwave, the kitchen is the go-to place in the home.

Whether your kitchen décor is country, modern, traditional or just a hodge-podge of different styles, there is always room for improvement and/or renovation as to this busy room.

If homeowners were polled on the item most-coveted in a kitchen remodeling job, what item or items do you suppose they would want to add to their current kitchen, if a total re-do was out of the question?

Add-ons for your kitchen

One of the most-popular items in the kitchen the past few years, as well as now, is the island.  If you’ve got the space to accommodate even a small island (they come in various sizes and seating arrangements), you’ll wonder how you did without one for so long.  Its purpose is more than merely decorative.  It also can serve as a modern breakfast nook which, when paired with tall stools along the sides, also works as a dining area.  And, who doesn’t need additional storage space in the kitchen?  Especially if you are one of those cooks who has to have every new gadget and gizmo or appliance ever created.  Of course, you can’t be using all those essential and non-essential cooking tools all the time, so there they sit, gathering dust and taking up much-needed space on the countertops or in your cupboard.  Not everyone has the luxury of a large pantry area, so you must trudge to other rooms to get these gizmos and gadgets, thus one of the island’s bonuses is the additional storage space.

If the lack of storage space is still problematic after the installation of the island, why not consider building a walk-in pantry for easy access to special shelves to contain your overflow pantry items, or unique drawers to be able to view all your spices and seasonings at a glance… just like at the grocery store.

The newest trend for shelving is open shelving, but you cannot be a messy cook if you opt for open shelving since there are no cupboard or cabinet doors to be found.  So, if you are a “stuff it” or “shove it” type of cook when it comes to packing your cupboards to the hilt, this option might not be for you.

One of the most-popular remodeling trends in the kitchen today would be new countertops.  Not so long ago, granite was the granddaddy of all enhanced countertops when people took the plunge to replace their tired and worn Formica countertops with a trendier look.  But granite doesn’t work for everyone as it is very heavy, and the existing cupboards must be sturdy enough to support the heavy granite counters.  There is upkeep involved with granite counters as well… this maintenance must be performed to keep the granite counters looking like new and in good shape.  There are now faux granite countertops for those homeowners who covet the granite look but eschew the price and maintenance.  So, you can have your cake and eat it too – who knows if it is real or faux?  It is hard to tell and only your kitchen remodeling contractor, you and your wallet know for sure.

If you love the natural look of granite or even black onyx for your countertop, but those choices are quite cost prohibitive, consider going with the less-pricey look of soapstone.

Other natural looks that are trending in the kitchen these days are items that look as if they were just plucked from the outdoors and retrofitted into your kitchen.  Do you think that repurposed brick or brick veneer might give a whole new look to your kitchen?  If a rustic look is something you are interested in, then you can take it further than just stone counters and brick on the walls, and consider adding a rustic look with repurposed wood which can be added within the room to give a look that is truly back to nature.

If the house is older, a kitchen remodeling expert can investigate if there are wooden beams which may be exposed for the ultimate rustic theme décor; the beams can be hand-rubbed and finished with beeswax or stain by an expert.  This look may make the kitchen the star of your entire home!

Of course, the right contractor for any of the above remodeling projects can help you create a new look for your kitchen.

Ornate tiles

A short-and-sweet remodeling effort which can give a totally new and improved look to your kitchen area is the introduction of splash backs to your decor.  Splash backs will breathe new life into a tired-looking kitchen, but, they do more than simply enhance the area, they are functional as well.  Who would not want to protect the area behind the sink from the continual splashes of water while preparing meals or cleaning up after them?  And, isn’t it prudent to protect the wall behind the stove and cooking area from grease splatters if possible?  Splash backs can run the gamut with tiles made of glass, pewabic pottery or hand-painted exquisite tiles.  And an added bonus, if you’ve over-extended your budget on the rest of the professional remodeling in the kitchen, this is a great DIY project, whether you use the peel-and-stick tiles or choose to hang a more artistic type of splash back in the desired area.

The most-welcome and warmest area of the home is the kitchen – don’t you deserve to treat yourself to an upgrade of your favorite room in the house?  Why not contact a home remodeling expert today to upgrade and modernize your current kitchen?

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