Best Exterior Remodeling Projects to Prepare for Winter

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The colder months aren’t typically viewed as optimal for exterior remodeling, so taking the proper steps to prepare for winter now can reduce risks later in the season.   All too often, homeowners don’t adequately plan for the frigid conditions which can result in higher energy costs and property damage, especially if the weather is unduly harsh.  There are plenty of proactive steps property owners can take to last through the winter which are both good investments and add to the house’s value.

Home Additions to Accommodate the Family

Luckily, it’s not too late to complete ambitious projects such as room additions.  If you’ve found yourself holding off on adding to your property, now’s a convenient time to find a home addition contractor.  Given it’s more difficult to host outdoor gatherings while it’s cold out, people looking to host indoor events may need more space for the big holidays.  So, adding on cozy living spaces can make your home more accommodating for big families. 

Since the spring and summer are very popular times for home remodeling, contractors usually have increased availability through the fall and the winter.  Some contractors will even charge less for projects that are requested during the off-seasons.  Another perk to remodeling while it’s cold is that it’s much easier to dig out and lay foundations while the ground is frozen.  With less humidity and mud to deal with, projects are likely to completed faster.

Garage Maintenance to Protect Your Vehicle

When the weather conditions are unfavorable, being a vehicle owner can be difficult not only due to the road conditions but also to the elements wearing on your car.  In addition to general upkeep and cleaning snow and ice off your car, extremely cold temperatures can also be hard on the car’s battery.  Frequent use of a car’s accessories plus the thickening of cold motor oil can strain a battery when starting the engine. A garage is the best way of protecting your car from the elements, and making sure that your garage is in good condition is especially important going into winter.  To avoid unexpected malfunctions, garage door maintenance is essential to keeping out the cold.  If there’s something wrong with spring system, opener, or door track, getting in touch with an overhead door specialist now should be an easy fix while the season’s still mild.

Cost-Efficient Window and Door Replacements

While the days are getting colder, drafts become more noticeable than during the summer.  If the goal of windows and doors are to separate outside from inside, it’s important to install energy-efficient windows that will reduce drafts and ultimately lower your energy bill.  Replacing windows are also a great way to update the overall appearance of the property, and improve the home’s natural lighting.  New windows and doors are a fairly simple way of completely changing the exterior aesthetic of the property and are a worthwhile investment.  It’s also more convenient to replace windows and doors in the fall due to milder temperatures and a lower chance of bugs entering through the work sites.  Replacing windows and doors also increases the curb appeal of a home and raises its resale value. 

Paint Jobs To Protect Against the Elements

Another simple way to completely transform the appearance of a home is to apply a fresh coat of paint.  If you’ve considered repainting the exterior of your house, it’s certainly not too late to hire the right contractor.  A professional-quality paint job can prepare a property for winter by sealing out unwanted weather and pests and is important for protecting exterior surfaces.  Especially if the paint’s begun to chip and fall away, the moisture brought on by ice and snow can cling and melt into the walls and cause wood rot.  Chipped paint can also be an opportunity for pests such as termites to eat away at the exterior and compromise the wall’s structure.  There’s even a chance that a well-sealed paint job can reduce the energy costs by locking heat within the home.

To many, the fall may seem like an unusual time to consider exterior home improvement projects, but it’s a great time to make last-minute changes to prepare for winter.  Between the holidays and added energy expenses, the year’s end can be a costly time for homeowners. Nevertheless, there are steps one can take to lower energy bills.  Protecting your home and automobile from the weather through some basic home improvement projects can save money and add to the house’s overall value for years to come.

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