2022 Spring Remodeling Ideas

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February 15, 2022
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Spring is almost here, which means it’s the opportune time to begin the home remodeling project you’ve been thinking about all winter. Longer days mean more time for contractors to complete the job. The warmer weather is also very helpful for drying materials like paint and cement.

And starting in spring means you could finish up before running into the hot and humid summer temperatures. If you want to enjoy the outdoors with a new deck or patio, it’s best to begin as soon as possible in case you have to make any changes or additions.

If you are ready to give your home a spring makeover in 2022, here are some remodeling ideas to consider.

Resurface the Driveway

Over time, your driveway gets more than its fair share of wear and tear. In addition to different cars using it on a daily basis, winter snowplowing can also cause significant damage. Nevertheless, an autumn or winter driveway redo is not the most practical choice. For instance, driveway resurfacing may involve cementing, which requires several days to dry. Asphalting also takes time because it requires heat to dry. For these reasons, springtime is the optimal time to tackle this project.  

Redo Your Wood Flooring

Wood floors are a classic look that remains a practical and aesthetically pleasing option. Not only are they simple to clean, but they don’t retain the kind of dust and pet dander that aggravates allergies. Some people are hesitant to use wood floors throughout their home. Have no fear, however, because wood flooring works for just about any room as long as you pick the correct type.

For rooms with stable climates and plywood subfloors, you can stick with traditional solid woods. If you want to replace the floors in a space with moisture and temperature swings, heated flooring, or a concrete subfloor, your best bet is engineered flooring. It comprises many thin layers of wood which are bonded together and topped with a wood layer of your choosing. The added layers means that the wood can flex without warping the plank. As a result, engineered floors are more adaptable and can handle more difficult climates than solid wood.

Replace Those Windows

After they accumulate damage and debris from winter wind and snowstorms, it may be high time for some replacement windows.  Signs that your windows may be due for an upgrade include cracking or warping, condensation between double-pane windows, and elevated energy bills.

Even if your windows still have some life left, replacing them can bring them up to date with current window trends. In fact, there are lots of innovative options that can add clean, modern lines to your home while increasing energy efficiency or maintaining you privacy. For instance, you could try a decorative glass window that protects your privacy while still letting in plenty of light.

Repaint the Exterior

While a fresh coat of paint covering the outside of your home sounds like a big deal, there’s no getting around the fact that it should happen about once every 10 years. If your home’s exterior is overdue for a refresh, try shaking things up with a different color scheme.

If your whole home doesn’t need repainting yet, you can still improve its appearance by painting the front door and/or the shutters a different color. This color contrast can add nice accents to an existing paint job.

One of the advantages to painting your home’s exterior the outside during the spring is that most paint materials work well in warm weather. And, more importantly, the job won’t take as long because the paint will dry faster.

Tackle That Drywall Project

Regardless of whether you’ve been planning to finish your basement or remake your attic into another bedroom, spring is a great time for hanging drywall. Warmer weather means you can open windows and reduce the time that drywall compound needs to dry. Although refurbishing rooms is a pretty significant undertaking at any time, springtime makes it easier to complete it without delays.      

Spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. It’s also the right time to embark on those home improvement projects that are on your list. Try some of these ideas to give your home that much-needed makeover.

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