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February 6, 2015
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Types of Window GlassIt seems like we just got past the Winter of 2013-2014 and here we are again.  The horror story of Buffalo’s recent historical snowfall, and most of the United States having seen a record cold Fall, seems to indicate that a wicked Winter might be looming large on the horizon.

If you were freezing cold throughout last Winter season, you were not alone.  Oh, wait a minute … you mean you were freezing cold IN the house?  Well, something is definitely wrong there as you might suspect.  There are several methods to try to contain the cold drafts and you’ve probably exhausted them already or you would not now be scoping out replacement windows.  Using shrink wrap for your windows, whether done on the exterior or interior of each window, is certainly not a quick fix.   If you’ve dutifully checked to ensure there are no cracks or crevices where cold air is getting in from the outside and your furnace is running in tip-top shape, then it might be time to think about getting replacement windows for your home.

What replacement windows can do

Among the plusses for new replacement windows is that your home will look more contemporary, in addition to those new windows doing battle with the cold temperatures.  The standard replacement windows with triple-pane glass, made with either fiberglass or vinyl, a standard offered by most window installation companies today, promises an increased energy efficiency of 53% to 74% over single-pane windows which you might have in your home right now.

Whether you are replacing older thermal windows, or, this is the first time you have had had thermal windows there are many types of windows and features now available, and all will help you lower your energy bill.  Besides the advantage of decreased utility bill charges, remember that you are adding value to your home with the installation of these windows.  There are a wide range of window styles and frames, all which are guaranteed to work with your home and your budget.

You will be able to lower that thermostat and cast off that cozy afghan, in this Winter season, if you choose to install energy-efficient windows in your home in the very near future.  Why not visit a Arundel County showroom soon and check out the window designs?  When you find a window style that complements your home and will meet your needs, why not then consult with a contractor about installing energy-efficient windows before brutal Winter temps arrive?

What types of windows would be best for your home?

Of course, a reliable replacement window specialist can suggest the best windows for your home, but you can also check out those available styles at a replacement window showroom as well.

In a warm-weather state, homeowners might be more inclined to worry about the aesthetic look of their windows and ensuring that they harmonize with the architectural style and façade of their home.  But here, aesthetics are nice, but keeping the house warm and cozy and the energy bills down are more important.

The most-significant change to the older-type replacement windows is the types of panes which are used.  When replacement windows first became popular, they were touted for their triple panes – two separate layers of windows and another window panel sandwiched in between.  Today’s replacement windows, likewise have the triple-pane feature, but, now you can get optional design elements like blinds or a grille, instead of the regular inside pane.  If home security is a factor in your choice of replacement windows, rest assured that the newer styles of replacement windows feature exterior grilles for added security for your home.

The idea of the sunshine streaming into your rooms through the windows sounds pleasant, that is, until you see just what damage the sun creates on drapes, upholstery and floor coverings over time.  One of the newest trends in enhancements to thermal windows is tinting the glass.  It not only preserves your window and floor treatments and furnishings, but permits you to sit and bask in the sunlight near the window without fear of ultraviolet rays damaging your skin.

While extolling the virtues as to cost savings, and aesthetic beauty of the new windows, be mindful of the fact that if you have any allergy or asthma sufferers in the home, you can purchase extra heavy-duty window panes, which will thwart any dust or allergens from coming through the windows and into the house, which is good news for people with these afflictions.

Windows are as smart as your phone

There are so many evolving changes to the world of windows that you almost can’t keep up.  Soon there will be windows available with switchable glazing (sometimes called “smart windows”) which can adjust the amount of solar heat gain or the amount of light which are permitted to pass through the window subject to the environmental conditions inside your home.  In other words, the window adjusts itself to your current home conditions.  These new “smart windows” fall into four categories:

  • Electrochromic – The panes change from clear to mid-dark to fully dark at the flip of a switch.
  • Photochromic – The panes gradually respond to outside changes in light, much like eyeglasses which automatically tint themselves on sunny date.
  • Thermochromic – The panes change automatically from clear to diffused to white and even reflective in response to the heat.
  • Liquid Crystal – The panes have an inner layer of liquid crystals and an electric current running through them. When the electric current is “on” the glass becomes transparent; when it is “off” the pane is opaque making it excellent for privacy control.

All the reasons for getting replacement windows have been laid out for you – all you need to do now is set up an appointment to consult with an expert in window replacement and you will be all set for whatever weather elements come your way.

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