Sunroom Design Trends

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Sunroom Design Trends

Sunroom Design TrendsIf you live in a cold-weather state, most of the Winter months are spent dreaming of the long Summer days down the road.  It seems there are just not enough warm and sunny days after the Winter, Spring and Fall months pass during the calendar year.

A sunroom, on the other hand, is perfect for allowing one to still enjoy the scenery outdoors but have some protection from the heat during the day or the pesky insects once the sun goes down.  Then you can enjoy the cool night air by switching off the air conditioning and opening all the windows.  Even if the rain is pouring down, you can still enjoy a panoramic view of the beauty of a sunset from any of the many windows which encompass the perimeter of your sunroom, or even a glass ceiling which permits stargazing from the comfort of your chair.

Sunrooms are a perfect addition

Whether you choose to convert an existing room to a sunroom simply by adding large floor-to-ceiling, screened-in windows, or the architecture of your home permits the addition of a specially built-in room, a sunroom is a perfect way to enjoy the environment without sweating bullets and risking sun damage to your skin.   Whatever method you utilize to add a sunroom to your home, it is not a do-it-yourself project, but rather one which should involve consulting with and hiring a professional home remodeling contractor in Brookhaven.  He or she can discuss the trending designs for sunrooms based on the architecture of your home and surrounding property.  A sunroom is a reward you do for yourself, and will, of course, enhance your home by adding resale value as well.

Sunroom design trends

In your initial consultation, your home remodeling contractor will discuss basic sunroom design ideas for your home as well as wow you with the trending sunroom design options.  As mentioned above, the “glass ceiling” is a recent addition to sunrooms for warm-climate states.  While a skylight is a popular way to enjoy the night sky and stargazing, how about undertaking the hobby of astronomy with a high-power lens right from your comfy chair?  The air-tight glass ceiling might get a little warm under the hot sun during the day, but the installation of a row of ceiling fans which are suspended from that glass ceiling, will create a breeze and make it much more tolerable.


Your contractor will explain the best medium to be used to construct your sunroom.  You may want to try to match the brick on your home’s exterior or construct the sunroom out of wood.  The latter is a popular choice and will give your home a rustic look.

While you might enjoy basking in the sun’s rays as they enter the sunroom, you know, of course, to be mindful of the damage that sunlight wreaks on your furnishings as well as your skin.  Therefore, the solution to sun damage to your home and yourself is the installation of blinds in the perimeter windows of the sunroom.  These blinds can simply be adjusted to permit sun to be filtered gently into the sunroom to keep it cool and inviting without sending the A/C unit into overdrive from that hot sun pouring through the glass.

There are just a treasure trove of wonderful features found in a sunroom – why not consult with a home remodeling contractor in the near future to find the perfect fit for you?

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