Renovation Ideas That Will Refresh Your Home’s Exterior

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Your home’s outward appearance is its biggest selling point, whether you like it or not. If people aren’t drawn to what they see on the outside, they’ll never take the time to look inside. Exterior remodeling is one of the best ways to maintain your home’s curb appeal and improve its salability. Whether your home is very traditional or more modern, there are always changes you can make to the outside to refresh its overall appearance.

Fortunately, most properties do not need complete overhauls. For this reason, we have included below some affordable renovation ideas that can refresh your home’s exterior.  

Replace Your Front Door

A new front door can really make a difference because it’s the last thing anyone sees before they go inside. It can also mean more money in the bank. Typically, replacing a front door adds more value to a house than the installation costs. Even if you don’t go so far as to replace your front door, a new coat of paint can still liven things up.

While a new paint job isn’t all that complicated, a door replacement will involve replacing the frame. In addition, all parts must be sealed properly and need to fit the floor, baseboards, and trim. The end result should be a cleaner, more updated facade.

Upgrade Your Roof

Believe it or not, your roof can reveal quite a bit about your home. Not only is your roof a big part of your home’s appearance, but it also protects you from the elements. For this reason, you might want to start with storm protection upgrades such as roof strapping and hurricane clips. These kinds of improvements can really help if you live in a storm-prone area.

This is also the ideal time for other updates like newer architectural shingles. With so many styles, shapes, and colors to choose from, you can transform your home’s outward appearance while making it less vulnerable to heavy storms. If you need help finding the best style for your home, contact an experienced contractor for the latest roofing trends.

Add New Shutters

New shutters are a great way to improve your home’s aesthetics for a relatively minor cost. Like roof shingles, shutters come in many styles and colors. While materials and dimensions are still important, widths can vary as shutters are now used more for decorative purposes instead of guarding against the elements.

Try Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is another way to give your home’s exterior a facelift without spending too much money. It also has the benefit of being an important design element that can enhance the safety of your home. Not only can it illuminate potentially hazardous steps and walkways, but it can also deter possible intruders.

You can add lights to a pathway, steps down to a patio, exterior walls, or new landscaping. With layered lighting, you can create a dramatic effect that shows off your home’s architectural features while making it safer too.

Give Your Windows a Makeover

This would also be a good time to switch your home’s outdated windows with larger, more energy efficient ones. By replacing your old box and bay windows, you can bring more light into your home and add value at the same time. Nowadays, there are more than enough choices to fit your home’s architectural style and your budget.

You could take it a step further by adding a skylight or a roof window. This option will add both style and light to any indoor space, especially areas that don’t get much natural light. In homes sandwiched between adjoining neighbors’ houses, a roof window or a skylight can transform a dark, foreboding room into a bright, airy space.

Try some of these exterior remodeling ideas for upgrades that will make a great first impression and add to your home’s comfort level.

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