Deck Design Trends for 2022

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Deck Design Trends for 2022

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As the world dealt with business lockdowns and stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic last year, many people wound up with much more free time around the house. Consequently, many homeowners jumped at the opportunity to upgrade the living spaces to which they were now confined. Instead of traditional kitchen and bath remodels, however, lots of would-be renovators decided to give their outdoor spaces a refresh. As a result, outdoor deck renovations have become one of the hottest construction trends in a post-pandemic world.  

Check out the ones we expect to take hold in the decking industry in 2022. 

Composite Decking Instead of Wood

Whether to use wood or composite material is usually the first decision everyone makes before building a new deck. While they each have their pros and cons, wood is starting to take a back seat. Although it may look more natural and cost less initially, wood can be more expensive to maintain in addition to not lasting very long.

Composite decking doesn’t fade with the sun and lasts longer because it doesn’t expand and contract due to temperature changes like real wood. Indeed, many manufacturers are trying to capitalize on this trend by making its cost more competitive with treated lumber. While it remains a matter of personal choice, it’s more important than ever to look at the different options for decking material before you make your decision.

More Innovative Lighting

As homeowners realize the value of spending more time on their decks, they are getting more creative with outdoor deck lighting. Accent lighting, for instance, has become a popular way to make the space appear warm and inviting. People are also incorporating solar and low voltage lighting as a low-cost way to add function and beauty to the space. Whether it’s stair lighting, string lighting, or lighting on your deck posts, deck lighting can create the perfect ambience while adding visibility and safety to your outdoor space.

A Sun Shade

Unless you already have some well-placed trees overlooking your deck, it could probably benefit from some form of sun protection. Without a doubt, adding shade structures to your backyard deck will go a long way towards maximizing its use during the daytime. Although traditional pergolas made of wood are still popular, many homeowners are experimenting with other materials such as PVC with aluminum cores, retractable vinyl, or solid aluminum panels with integrated gutters for weather protection beyond the sun. No matter where you live, shade structures can improve your deck’s functionality while adding a bit of style to your deck design.

Cocktail Railing

If Covid has kept you on a tight budget, you might want to enhance your deck with a cocktail railing instead of replacing it. A cocktail rail is basically a flat surface on top of a railing that is wide enough to accommodate a phone, plate, or naturally, a cocktail. Believe it or not, a relatively minor alteration like a cocktail rail can wind up making a huge impact.  If you have a traditional, single-tier deck, a cocktail rail can help with outdoor entertaining, especially if you’ve got limited table space. Nowadays, there are plenty of railing design options to choose from such as glass infill panels or steel cable that can transform the look of your entire deck.

A Sundeck for Your Dock

If you’re lucky enough to have a dock on your property, you may really enjoy having a sundeck to lounge on nearby. Sundeck docks are great because they can provide some shade as well as a place to lay out, grill some steaks, or have a waterside party. Adding a deck will increase the square footage of your existing dock and give your family more space to enjoy those scenic water views. It could be just the right addition if you want to host more parties outdoors or you need more space for recreation.

As the weather gets a bit colder this fall, people start packing up their outdoor living areas in preparation for spending more time inside. Nevertheless, this is actually the perfect time to give your deck an upgrade. Renovating your deck during the offseason is ideal because it gives you plenty of time to finish it before the warmer weather arrives. If your deck has seen better days, try one of these updates for an outdoor living space that will make a big splash as winter gives way to spring in 2022.

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