Spring Renovation Tips for 2021

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October 23, 2020
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Although the middle of winter may seem like a strange time to be thinking about springtime renovation projects, it’s actually the perfect time to make some changes before the spring thaw. With this idea in mind, we’ve picked out a number of remodeling projects that will add value to your home in addition to making it more comfortable.

New or Updated Wood Flooring

Let’s face it; we’re done with carpet for now. Not only does it appear outdated, but it can also harbor germs or even toxins. For this reason, you should think about adding or updating wood flooring.

Either hardwood flooring or large tile squares is the way to go to make your floors stand out. Some of the more common choices include Maple, Eucalyptus, and Brazilian Cherry. On the other hand, many people opt for reclaimed wood to be more environmentally sensitive.

If you decide on tile flooring, 12-by-24 and even 36-by-36 are popular options. If you like your existing wood floors but they just need a refresh, try sanding and restaining them to update their appearance.  While this type of project may rustle up a bit of dust and debris inside the house, it will be worth it when you see the results.

Driveway Resurfacing

Difficult winter weather conditions coupled with snow plowing and the usual wear and tear can really wreak havoc on an asphalt driveway. For this reason, redoing your driveway is the perfect project to mark the start of spring. Make sure to wait until temperatures get a bit warmer before you begin, especially since moisture and warm weather are important for working with asphalt. But now is a good time to start planning your driveway makeover and getting the right materials.

New Window Treatments

Instead of blowing your budget on new doors or windows, try a simpler solution like new window treatments. If you want to try new window shades, natural, untreated woods in addition to rattan and bamboo are becoming more and more popular along with a movement towards more eco-friendly materials like hemp and reeds.

In keeping with the trend of bringing the outdoors in, floral and tropical patterned drapes represent a nice contrast with natural wood. Picking brighter colors for your treatments can make your windows really distinctive. Not only can new treatments brighten up a room, but they can also keep out the blaring sun and help you save on cooling costs.

A New Deck

What better way to take advantage of the spring and summer sunshine than by constructing a new deck beforehand? After months of social distancing and careful confinement indoors, you will be more than ready to spend as much quality time outside as possible when the first few spring days arrive.

The main thing is to get started right away if you want a new deck by spring 2021. Because this project is a bit more involved than our other remodeling fixes, you will need to make a number of important decisions before construction is underway.

For instance, will your deck be made from natural wood or vinyl? Do you want to add some extra touches such as a pergola or maybe stair lighting? Do you need a part of it to be screened-in? Is it going to be on one level or multiple levels?

Regardless of the materials or design you choose, a deck is a great addition to your home that will afford more functional living space while indulging your appetite for outdoor entertaining.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, try any one or all of these household renovation tips to give your home a fresh look for the upcoming spring season.

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