What Are The Best Window Treatments For The Kitchen?

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December 4, 2014
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What Are The Best Window Treatments For The Kitchen?

Modern Kitchen WindowsThe kitchen is full of ambiance – the coziest corner of your home where the family gathers to break bread and share their day’s experiences. The perky café curtains which your grandma and mom used to adorn their kitchen windows are suddenly “so yesterday”. The current trends in kitchen window treatments have something for everyone. The styles are contemporary yet meld into any kitchen theme. Why not have a look at what’s trending today … a little DIY project might enhance your kitchen area or maybe you could go a little more extravagant, and consult with a contractor who specializes in custom window treatments right here in New York City?

Suddenly, the window takes center stage.

Whether your kitchen is small or large, suddenly dressing up your kitchen window as a focal point to that room has become more important. While decorating experts have always proclaimed the window was important, much more attention was given to accessories such as flooring or rugs or coordinating sleek-looking small and large appliances to the country-themed furniture. There wasn’t much room for options as to window dressing. But all that is changed now and the kitchen window or windows become integral to the style, color and design of this room.

Modern and minimalist.

Kitchen styles are trending more toward modern and this means minimalism. Sleek-looking appliances call for complementary furnishing and accessories, all with clean and straight lines. Window treatments must also be in that same family, i.e. the use of primary or bold colors as accents to “pop” and natural fibers and textures adding a neutral complement to the stainless steel, chrome and metallic overall theme. Modern themes mean lack of clutter so “fussy” curtains at the window don’t really belong, as charming as they may be. You will want to move toward a sleeker look at the window, so how about bamboo or grass shades to add a naturalistic approach to the room? If you prefer curtains over shades, that’s fine, but why not opt for something clean and simple like micro-suede fabric or a similar, solid-colored, well-draping material? You could also consider vinyl blinds which can be purchased in every color imaginable, even a wood-look blend. No maintenance and no fuss. But keep those window treatments open and airy since natural light in the kitchen is essential. Do aim for lighter colors if your kitchen is small since they will make it appear larger; warm colors can make a larger kitchen feel more balanced and inviting, giving the illusion it is larger and brighter. By all means get window treatments that allow the sun to filter in on bright sunny Summer days and throughout the long, cold Winter to brighten your spirits.

Now that you’re in tune with how the modern and minimalist kitchen should look, there are several ways that you can add interest and intrigue to the kitchen window – here are a few options.

  • Valances are a super way to allow the sun to filter in, bathing the kitchen in natural light. The valance merely adds some color to the window and can be matched to other accessories in the kitchen. Installing a valance rod and the valance is a simple DIY project as it is not as extensive as some other window treatments. If you now have shutters on the lower half of your windows and you like the look, keep them, but add a splash of color, texture and style with a valance.

  • Sheer or semi-sheer woven materials like wood can be used to allow daylight to come into the house, yet create an element of privacy especially in the evening. If you even want to eliminate the silhouettes seen in the kitchen for those who might be glancing in as they drive or walk down the street, screening materials may be added into the mix thus creating a darker opaque look

  • The use of Roman shades or roller shades in a variety of woven materials and textures will give added privacy with a touch of elegance. The amount of styles of these two particular shades cater to any budget and any color combo, but bear in mind, that the pricier, more extravagant window treatments are the best way to express your personal style.

DIY job versus a professional job?

Mix and match treatments and textures and create a little flair in which to exhibit your own creativity to the max in your kitchen if you must, but, seeking the expertise of a professional custom window treatment designer will get you the proper measurements for your custom-made window treatments and you will receive counsel on the best overall design available so that you may showcase your kitchen in the most-favorable light. Designer kitchen window treatments can be the best way to express your personal style. If you are unsure about color combinations, patterns and overall design, using a professional’s expertise or purchasing custom-made treatments online are good options to consider and well make the difference in the long run.

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