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How to Increase Closet Space
November 12, 2014
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create organizationIt’s hard to turn away a good bargain sometimes – whether that bargain involves clothes and personal accessories, or, even something as paltry as pantry items. They all occupy space and end up causing chaos in your home. There must be a solution to solve the issue of clutter control in your lifetime. There is a solution! It’s as easy as consulting with an expert who specializes in creating custom closets in Miramar Beach, Florida.

How to contain your clutter

Your home is your sanctuary … a respite for rest and relaxation at the end of the day. Sometimes a work day will find you ready to just go home and crash, and the very last thing you want to deal with is chaos in your home, as a result of your clutter. The closet space that comes with any home, apartment or condo, is always at a premium. You can organize your closets until you are blue in the face and still need additional room. What are you doing wrong? The suggestion is simple – have your cluttered closets customized to create some semblance of order and more available storage space as well.

Where to start

Closet design specialists will tell you that the most-cluttered closets in any home are found in the bedroom and kitchen. The bedroom closet might be cluttered enough for one person, but when two people have to share one closet, other than drawing a line in the sand, err … closet, how do you apportion parts of a one bedroom closet equally?

Bedroom closet dilemma

There are two main types of bedroom closets to be considered for that room. They are referred to as “reach-in” and “walk-in” closets. The type of closet depends largely on the size of the room or availability to enlarge the present closet. If enlarging your present closet is not feasible, then you will have to just have that closet customized to increase the storage space. If your room size allows for expansion of the present closet to a walk-in style closet, you will be able to increase the storage size significantly. Below are your two options for bedroom closets.

  • Reach-in closet – This is the very best option if your bedroom and present closet size are small. The dimensions for a reach-in closet are approximately 33 X 20 inches and they are built right into the wall and accessed by one door. The closet will be enhanced by dividers, modular storage areas such as bins or cubbyholes, and hooks or closet poles will be utilized to maximize the available remaining space. In a reach-in closet, the area is only deep enough to accommodate clothes on a single wall.

  • Walk-in closet – The walk-in closet is a whole other realm in closet space. It is like a small room, where you literally can walk around and peruse your clothes, shoes and other accessories in an area approximately 53 inches x 20 inches. There is room on two or three walls of the closet to accommodate clothes hanging on horizontal clothes poles or stored on shelves, or inside cubbyholes or bins. If you need to share your bedroom closet, how do you differentiate between each owner’s clothes, etc.? Segregation of each person’s items may be done by color coding, i.e. dress clothes for each of you in one quarter and perhaps another quarter with casual clothes in another color code, and so on. There are various means of enhancing storage space in a custom walk-in closet. Rather than storing shoes piled up in the boxes they came in, rows of small cubbyholes will pair the shoes together, even separated by dressy/work/casual, and all will be easy to find at a glance. Because the closet will have a door, and clothes are safely ensconced behind closed doors at all times, no dust or kitchen smells exist, thus the concept of open shelving inside the walk-in closet is predominantly the best way to store your clothes.

Panic in the pantry

Although the title of this paragraph sounds like a B movie, this is what actually happens when you try to combine too many items in a linen closet. Overload sets in. Cleaning supplies plus canned and dry goods for easy access while you are preparing a meal, are forever stuffed and jammed into the kitchen closet and crammed in together. Though you originally stored these items neatly, you kept adding more and more, until one day, since there were just not enough shelves to accommodate everything, you opened the door to add one more can and the shelves collapsed and it all came tumbling down in a heap on the floor.

Custom closet design

Types of ClosetsHere’s how a custom closet maven who specializes in kitchen pantry design would approach your dilemma. Why not move out some of the items currently hogging up the closet and display them or store them around the kitchen area? This concept borrows from the trend called “open shelving” which means that all items need not be stored behind closed doors but displayed or stored in an open or visible manner … no, not behind Lucite doors, but open and available for you to see or use. Such open shelving might come in the form of built-in shelves around the kitchen, cubbyholes or divided shelves or bins. Your treasury of cookbooks which are in the back of the kitchen closet, and unreachable, so recipes are therefore printed off a recipe site on the internet, may once again be handy and accessible to you and visibly displayed, so you might enjoy them and they will add a touch of hominess to your kitchen area. Refinements can still be made to that kitchen linen or utility closet – more shelves can be built, and slots and cubbyholes or bins created and placed in here as well. You may opt to have a door to shut for this closet, or not, and have it become an organized storage area once again. No more opening the door and expecting for everything to come tumbling out – you have the answer to how to contain your kitchen clutter without having a panic attack in the pantry ever again.

If these sound like workable options to contain your clutter problems why not consult with a custom closet specialist to create a bedroom or kitchen pantry design that fits all your needs, wants and desires and keeps chaos out of these two rooms forever.

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