Replacement Doors and Windows for Summer 2019

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Summer is around the corner with temperatures approaching the nineties and everyone turning on their AC, which means energy costs are at an all-time high. Summer is an excellent time to do your home improvement projects and that includes replacing doors and windows. This is because you can notice the impact of projects that improve your home’s energy efficiency more easily. If you don’t already know, getting energy-efficient replacement windows and doors is the best way to save money on energy costs long term. Here are some reasons why you should replace your doors and windows this summer.

Are you feeling a draft?

When you keep your old windows and doors it can do more harm than good. They might have cracks that allow air to escape your home. This will make it harder for your air conditioning system to keep you cool, as it has to work double time and consume more energy. Sunlight can heat up your home and make your interior feel warm and uncomfortable. Replacing your windows and doors will improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort levels.

You may also feel that the inside of your house is feeling cooler or warmer than you’re used to. As your window & doors grow older and more well-worn, they become less tightly sealed than they were in their earlier days. This means they can let unwanted air in while also letting out the warm or cold air you’re circulating through your house thorough the heating and air conditioning systems.

Do you want to save on your energy bill?

Did you know that nearly half of the average household’s summertime electric bill is spent on cooling the home? According to the Department of Energy, your windows account for anywhere from 10% to 25% of the heat your home gains and loses and older windows tend to fall toward the high end of this range. If you replace your windows with new, high quality, energy-efficient windows, you will most likely see a significant saving in your energy bills. Replacement windows with energy-efficient glass can drastically reduce the movement of hot and cold air in and out of your home all year. If you have an old door, it might also be letting the heat or cold air right out. Doors and windows are where most heat escapes come from.

Does too much outside noise get inside?

You may be hearing outside noises that are keeping you from relaxing or getting work done. Not to mention when you come home from a long day of work, you may want some peace and quiet. When your windows are closed, you shouldn’t be hearing noises like cars passing by, people talking or birds chirping. You’ll notice an immediate and pleasant difference as soon as your replacements are installed.

Do your windows and doors make you feel safe and secure?

Windows are an entry and exit point to your home so windows that aren’t opening and locking correctly pose a security risk. Many older window models may have vulnerabilities such as thin glass that could allow a burglar to enter your home. Advancements in window design have produced windows that are more secure than ever, with added lock features providing extra protection from intruders. This will also give you a greater peace of mind whether you are home or away.

If the windows are hard to open, get stuck in the up or down position, or won’t open in and out of place, it can pose a serious danger, especially in the event of a fire. Windows need to open and close properly for the safety of your loved ones and guests especially in case of an emergency where a window might be your only exit from the house. When a door begins to wear out, it becomes more of a security issue. Newer doors have more security features than older doors, such as security and locking features, and are built with strong materials like steel and fiberglass. If you decide to keep living with an older door, you could find yourself losing more than just a little heat every winter or cold air every summer. An entry door is your barrier against intruders, make sure you feel safe by replacing your old one.

Are your windows and doors unpleasant to look at?

If your doors and windows are no longer pleasing to the eye because deterioration, chipped paint, water stains or other factors that lessen their aesthetic appeal from the inside or outside of your house – its’ time to get them replaced. A replacement and upgrade will not only make your home a little bit more pleasant but will also contribute to the resell value in a positive way.

A new front door doesn’t just mean a facelift for your home, it means more curb appeal. If you’re looking to sell your house in the next 5 to 10 years, that new front door will help you do it faster.

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