Exterior Lighting Trends

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December 4, 2014
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Exterior Lighting Trends

Exterior Lighting

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is an important component of illuminating your home. In fact, lighting the area outside your home may even be more important than lighting some areas in your home such as your living room or your bedroom, especially in winter months when snow and ice can create hazardous walking conditions. Many of the upcoming season’s exterior lighting trends are not only about all-important energy conservation. They’re also about how to create as much illumination as possible outside your house. Another important part of this year’s exterior lighting trends is about creating the most festive outdoor holiday decor as possible without spending an arm and a leg on electrical costs.

Green lighting

The biggest trend going for the past few seasons in just about everything including holiday lighting is ‘going green.’ Tired of hearing about it? That’s because it’s huge and it’s not going away anytime soon! But today’s green lights are far more efficient than yesterday’s. In fact, many homeowners as well as business owners are choosing energy efficient lighting not so much because of politics, but more so because they like to save money, and green-energy Christmas lights are very effective at reducing energy costs. Remember what happened when Clark Griswold plugged in his outdoor decorations? His house blacked out the entire neighborhood, as his exterior illumination sucked up every bit of energy the neighborhood supplier had! If he had only gone green, Clark’s electrical bills wouldn’t have soared, and the neighborhood would have been safe from his ‘twenty-five thousand imported Italian twinkle lights’! From energy efficient LED bulbs to solar energy installation with solar panels, the newest products available on the green market are also some of the best and most cost effective methods of reducing bills and footprints.


Perhaps the single biggest trend for Christmas lighting this year that is sweeping the entire country is coordinating all holiday decor throughout the entire lawn and house in the most colorful and rhythmic way possible. For years, white lights have dominated the Christmas scene, but recently multicolored lights have come back in vogue. This year, however, the idea is to coordinate all holiday decor to integrate and harmonize it all together in one major theme or progression. It’s not enough this year to toss a bunch of plastic Santas, reindeer, gingerbread men, and candy canes haphazardly around the lawn. The idea is to choose a major theme and a color scheme and run with it. Folks are also opting for color coordinating within chosen themes, as they drape shrubs, trees, bushes, garages, and other outdoor structures with coordinating styles and colors from one group to the next. For instance, start with green on walkways or pathways; graduate to red on bushes and shrubs; and then top it off with white on trees and major lighted items, and you’ve got the idea of this coordinated exterior lighting trend down pat.

LED lights

In keeping with the idea of green energy efficiency, LED lights couldn’t be bigger this year. Color-changing LEDs are one of the most popular trends of this holiday season, and the trend is expected to last well into next season. As white exterior holiday lighting has been a trend for so long, folks have opted for the past couple seasons to make their homes POP! with a little less conservatism and a little more excitement. That’s why multi-colored and color-changing LED lights are so popular this year. Combine this colorful trend with the fact that LEDs are some of the best little energy savers around, and you’ve got a double portion of holiday cheer that just may be the biggest lighting trend of the decade.

Exterior lighting trends aren’t just about fads or whatever style is in at the moment. They’re about conserving energy, creating safe pathways and driveways, and designing beautiful holiday decor that can add festivity to your celebration without costing you … or the Earth … a ton of resources. For more assistance on how this season’s exterior lighting designs can help you create fun and safe illumination outside your home, contact a licensed electrician in Atlanta to schedule a consultation.

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